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"Ciné-Pousse" Filmmaking Workshops for Kids

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In 2010, the Association Atelier 76 began running filmmaking workshops called “Ciné-Pousse” in primary schools in the working-class neighborhoods of Seine-St-Denis near Paris. But Ciné-Pousse is much more than just a filmmaking project…

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These workshops aim to open up children’s minds to art and culture through slapstick film. The association is committed to offering equal opportunities to the children of Seine-Saint-Denis. Every child involved has several roles in a multifaceted cultural project. The children (re)discover the life and work of Charlie Chaplin, and are also taught to write, act in, and produce their very own short silent film.

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The association now also organizes workshops with children and teenagers at an out-of-school setting, the Cinéma Le Trianon in Romainville. To date, 15 films have been written and produced by the participating kids, including a class of children with disabilities. When the films premiere at Cinéma Le Trianon, the kids themselves welcome guests and run the ticket booth.

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To get in touch, donate or simply to learn more about this fantastic association, check out the Ciné-Pousse webpage. Roy Export and the Chaplin family are happy to be sponsors of Ciné-Pousse.

Photos: © Frédéric Boyadjian and Christophe Raynaud de Lage

The Birth of the Tramp Celebration - One Year Later

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In June 2014, the Chaplin office and the Cineteca di Bologna organized a celebration for the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s iconic Tramp character. The video above looks back at the festive event. Watch, like and share!

• Videos of some of the guest speakers are available here:
• Papers from the conference can be read here:

"City Lights" Soundtrack - Now Online

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“One happy thing about sound was that I could control the music, so I composed my own. I tried to compose elegant and romantic music to frame my comedies in contrast to the tramp character, for elegant music gave my comedies an emotional dimension. Musical arrangers rarely understood this. They wanted the music to be funny. But I would explain that I wanted no competition, I wanted the music to be a counterpoint of grave and charm, to express sentiment, without which, as Hazlitt says, a work of art is incomplete…. Nothing is more adventurous and exciting than to hear the tunes one has composed played for the first time by a fifty piece orchestra.” -Charles Chaplin, Extract from My Autobiography, 1964

Chaplin’s full original soundtrack from “City Lights” is now on youtube so you can listen from anywhere! Visit our Youtube channel or play the video above to listen.

You can also get the full soundtrack on:
- iTunes
- Spotify
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- Amazon

Charlie Chaplin Days in Niles


June 6th & 7th, 2015: A great schedule of films and fun at the annual Charlie Chaplin Days to be held in the historic district of Niles (now part of Fremont, California)

For more information, visit the Niles Film Museum website.

"The Circus" Soundtrack - Now Online

Chaplin returned to his early silent films later in life, to compose music to accompany them on soundtracks for new theatrical release. The Circus was re-released by United Artists in 1969. At the music recording session, a male vocalist was employed to sing Swing High Little Girl, which was to be played over the opening credits of the film as Merna Kennedy swings on a trapeze. His recording still exists in the Chaplin archives, but according to arranger Eric James, the interpretation, though good, was not quite what they were looking for. Chaplin was apparently always singing the song, and James suggested that they record him, just so that he and his family could have it to listen to with orchestral accompaniment. Chaplin happily complied… and his rendition was the one that was chosen for the film. He was 79 years old.

The full soundtrack from The Circus is now on youtube so you can listen from anywhere! Visit our Youtube channel or play the video above to listen.

You can also get the full soundtrack on:
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New Release of Limelight by Criterion

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The Criterion Collection release of Limelight is now available!

Charlie Chaplin’s masterful drama about the twilight of a former vaudeville star is among the writer-director’s most touching films. Chaplin plays Calvero, a once beloved musical-comedy performer, now a washed-up alcoholic who lives in a small London flat. A glimmer of hope arrives when he meets a beautiful but melancholy ballerina (Claire Bloom) who lives downstairs. An elegant mix of the comic and the tragic, this poignant film also features Buster Keaton in an extended cameo, marking the only time the two silent comedy icons appeared together on-screen. Made at a time when Chaplin was under attack by the American press and far right, Limelight was barely distributed in the United States upon its initial release, but it is now considered one of his essential and most personal works.

Disc Features
- New 4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
- Chaplin’s “Limelight”: Its Evolution and Intimacy, a new video essay by Charlie Chaplin biographer David Robinson
- New interviews with actors Claire Bloom and Norman Lloyd
- Chaplin Today: “Limelight,” a 2002 documentary on the film, featuring director Bernardo Bertolucci and actors Bloom and Sydney Chaplin
- Outtake from the film
- Archival audio recording of Charlie Chaplin reading two short excerpts from his novella Footlights
- Two short films by Chaplin: A Night in the Show (1915) and the never completed The Professor (1919) Trailers
- PLUS: An essay by critic Peter von Bagh