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Chaplin without his cane

!! Someone has stolen the cane from the bronze Chaplin figure on the lakeside in Vevey. The town will replace it. The statue is in memory of the creator of the Little Tramp who spent the last 25 years of his life in Corsier sur Vevey.

The cane disappeared between ten and fifteen days ago. And this is not the first time, explained Gerard Amoos, director of the town garden spaces.

In 1989 the town replaced the cane, and a little while later a diver found it in the lake and brought it back. Before “returning” it to its rightful bronze owner, the town is thinking of making a mould, in case this happens again.

A Charlie Chaplin Wiki

“Charlie Chaplin Encylopedia”:

This site is intended as an collaborative research tool for historians, researchers and enthusiasts to record the details of Charlie Chaplin’s life and work.

The encyclopedia which is currently a work in progress will feature research articles, biographies and be a searchable repository of ‘facts’. If you would care to help with the compilation of this information, “please sign on!”:

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Wonderfully, deliriously deranged

Screening of “Mr Verdoux” in New York March the 7th at the “Anthology Film Archives”:

If you don’t live in New York at least have a look at this “very pleasant article of NYUNews”:

Chaplin in London Film Museum

Visit the Chaplin section of the London Film Museum.


In the same part of London where Charlie grew up, you can learn about the early music hall stars who influenced Chaplin’s work, and watch fantastic Pathé footage of some of them synched with recordings of their songs. See Charlie’s childhood homes and schools, and details of his early UK stage career.

Devised by Leslie Hardcastle, creator of the prizewinning Museum of the Moving Image (1989-1998), in collaboration with David Robinson, Chaplin’s biographer, the exhibition tells Chaplin’s story in six main sections, evoking consecutive phases of his dramatic rise from rags to riches.

The London Film Museum, based in County Hall, has been growing rapidly ever since it opened in 2008. This new exhibition marks a major investment by the museum to produce a spectacular tribute to a great Londoner who they say “remains the single most outstanding figure in all film history. “

The Charlie Chaplin - The Great Londoner exhibition will be a permanent feature and entry is included in the admission price of the London Film Museum.

County Hall, Riverside Building London London SE1 7PB