Chaplin’s Essanay comedies

Chaplin’s Essanay comedies

In Charles Chaplin’s Essanay comedies , made in 1915, cinema’s greatest comedian was first able to build his screen work around performance style rather than forcing himself as before into Mack Sennett’s frenzied Keystone comedy matrix. With this freedom Chaplin evolved in a year from the gag comedian if "His new job" to the brillant pantomimist of a "Night out", "The Champion","The Tramp" and "Shanghaied", to the profound satirist of "Police". Despite both their obvious importance and their frequent brillance, these films are a little-known chapter in Chaplin’s work. Until now it’s been a real chore just to see them: almost all copies in recent decades were murky, incomplete, run at wrong speeds, cropped, and fitted with terrible intertitles and music or none at all.

This edition of all sixteen films in 3 DVDs of which this is the first was made from the best vintage film material gathered in a nine-year search of American and European collections. Each film is digitally mastered, speed corrected, and to the extent possible, restored to its original form and rescued from the ravages of age. Frequently, three sources were used to assemble each film. The piano music for six of the films is by Eric James, Charles Chaplin’s musical associate for twenty years and the comedian’s collaborator on the scores for such films as "The Chaplin Revue":/en/articles/2 "The Kid" and "A Woman of Paris". The orchestral scores are by Robert Israel, one of today’s outstanding practitioners of authentic silent film accompaniment.

With these editions a complete good set of CHAPLIN’S ESSANAY COMEDIES is truly available for the first time since the silent film era.

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