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Presentation for Children

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New on our website: A presentation on Chaplin’s life and work for children aged around 5 to 12 - Teachers ! Please use and share!

Available here

Made in France: Tea Towels by Tissage Moutet

Genuine French jacquard-woven cotton tea towels are now available from Tissage MOUTET.

All of MOUTET’s products are made solely in Orthez, France. The company is a certified Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (“living heritage company”) which offers the guarantee of French weaving expertise, and which speaks in honour of the company’s 5 generations of industrious Orthez weavers.

Both designs are available on their website, here and here.

New Licensed Products in Japan

Tenugui Hand Towels

Eirakuya, the oldest cotton fabric shop in Japan, established in 1615, designed two tenugui (traditional Japanese towels) in 1932, when Chaplin visited Japan for the first time. The Chaplin merchandising company, Bubbles Inc SA, has recently licensed the rights to Eirakuya to manufacture and sell new tenugui with the same beautiful vintage designs from the 1930s.

Available in Japan only.

T-Shirts and Tote Bags

Licensed Chaplin t-shirts and tote bags are now available from Japanese label, Deluxe.
Currently sold on Zozotown and Bridge Tokyo online shops.

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