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The Knockout

Big the knockout
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Chaplin appears briefly in the second reel of this Roscoe Arbuckle comedy as the overly zealous boxing referee who manages to be on the receiving end of punches in a bout between Arbuckle and Edgar Kennedy. Chaplin clearly contributed much of his comedy material as it borrows from bits in Karno sketches (Mumming Birds as well as another Karno sketch with which Chaplin was familiar, The Yap Yaps). Chaplin enjoyed boxing matches; he attended prizefights in Los Angeles well into the 1930s and would incorporate boxing scenes in his own films The Champion (1915) and City Lights (1931). The interior mansion set used in this film also appears in the later Tillie’s Punctured Romance. Finished and shipped: May 29, 1914 Released: June 11, 1914 Scenario: Unknown Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Mack Sennett Length: Two reels
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