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New Book: The Early Years of Charlie Chaplin by Lisa Stein Haven

Professor Lisa Stein Haven takes us back to The Early Years of Charlie Chaplin, her latest book just released by White Owl (an imprint of Pen & Sword Books).

The Early Years of Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin’s career has been described, critiqued, and scrutinized. There are book-length studies on Chaplin’s music hall career, his career at Keystone Studios and the Mutual Studios. Somehow, his tenure with First National, however, has been largely neglected, even though it was during this several-year contractual time period that Chaplin built and occupied his own studio for the first time, that he attempted and succeeded in filming a comedy feature (The Kid) and that he helped to set up United Artists, an organization that protected the salaries and creative freedom of actors in Hollywood. This period in Chaplin’s story is especially interesting because such landmark moments are accompanied by Chaplin’s first marriage and divorce, the death of his first child, his friendship with French silent film comedian Max Linder , World War I and the role he would play in it, and the production and release of several unsuccessful films that marked Chaplin’s first creative blockage - one that threatened his future career.

This book discusses the transitional periods just before and after the First National contract, as well as the all-important period satisfying it. Archival evidence provides most of the support for the book’s assertions, from the Chaplin archive (property of Roy Export, digitised by Cineteca di Bologna, Italy), and the personal archives of other individuals or institutions discussed. Rare photos illustrate the story.

Josephine Gardin-Chaplin


It is with deepest regret that we share news of the passing of Josephine Hannah Gardin-Chaplin, daughter of Charlie Chaplin and Oona O’Neill, on Thursday, July 13, 2023. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by her beloved family and friends.

For years, Josephine managed the Chaplin Office in Paris on behalf of her siblings until she took leave to care for her husband Jean-Claude Gardin.

She appeared in a number of films, including Pier Paolo Pasolini’s THE CANTERBURY TALES, and her father’s LIMELIGHT and A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG.

Our deepest condolences are with her family.

The Chaplin Office


New Chaplin Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by Craft Hub


Calling all Chaplin-loving dissectologists!*

Discover four new licensed wooden jigsaw puzzles from Craft Hub – a fun and colorful tribute to Charlie Chaplin.

Each puzzle piece is unique, many of them in Chaplin-themed shapes: silhouettes, hats, roller skates, circus tents and more!

These puzzles are a challenging and rewarding brainteaser to solve alone, with family or friends.

All four designs are available on Craft Hub’s website for worldwide shipping & delivery.

*A person passionate about solving jigsaw puzzles. The term originated from the wooden “dissected” maps that were popular in the 19th century.

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