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Merchandising & Licensing (Bubbles Inc)

Enquiries concerning the use of film clips for advertising purposes, or for the use of the Chaplin name and/or image on merchandising products or to promote any products or services, should be addressed directly to : Contact us for our style guide, and browse through our online brand guide. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for licensing news.


The company Bubbles Incorporated SA was set up in 1972 by Charles Chaplin to merchandise, protect and promote his image. Bubbles Incorporated SA owns, by assignment from Chaplin himself, trademark, service mark, publicity and related rights to the name, likeness and personality of Mr. Chaplin and his little tramp character, and the merchandising rights thereto.

Though the story goes that the Little Tramp was invented more or less by chance, Chaplin went on to develop him into a carefully studied character, and from the tip of his boots to the top of his bowler hat, each detail became of vital importance to the whole.

Since so many years went into the development of the character, Bubbles Inc does not licence the use of the image without taking into consideration the quality of the article manufactured by potential licencees, their reputation, and above all the image of the Little Tramp that they propose to use. Though it is true that it needs but a bowler hat and cane to inspire instant recognition, products should be as close to the feeling and personality of the Little Tramp as possible.

There is a lasting quality to the Little Tramp – his image appeals to all age groups, even to those too young to have seen a whole Chaplin film. Bubbles Inc aims to keep the character present in these “modern times”. We are not simply licensing an image, but the lifetime’s work which that image represents.

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