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Texas (Bound for Texas)

Publicity still for The Pilgrim
Publicity still for The Pilgrim

Music and Lyrics by Charles Chaplin for the soundtrack of The Pilgrim in The Chaplin Revue (1959)

Texas (Bound for Texas) - Lyrics

I’m tired of the city of smoke stack and steel
I’m tired of the grind of the factory wheel
I’m spreading my wings and I’m ready to fly
To the land of a wide open sky

I’m bound for Texas, Bound for Texas
Bound for Texas Land
To hear the moo and rattle of snakes and cattle
Bound for Texas land.

I’ll work on a ranch where there’s plenty of sun
With my horse and a saddle my rope and gun
I’ll ride on the prairie my face to the sky
And the rest of the world can go by


I’ll save up my money and look for a wife
A wife who’ll be true and a pal for life
I’ll build her a home and a room for a child
With the roses around growing wild


I’ll sing her a song at the end of the day
A song that will drive all our cares away
I’ll sing of the prairie the blue starry skies
And the stars shining bright in her eyes


An early typewritten draft of the song had different lyrics:

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