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A Woman

Big a woman chaplin
Year :
Cast :
Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Marta Golden, Charles Insley, Margie Reiger, Billy Armstrong, Leo White
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Description :
Chaplin had twice previously donned female attire at Keystone, in A Busy Day (1914) and The Masquerader. A Woman was Chaplin’s last and finest female impersonation, a then-popular device among comedians (Julian Eltinge built a career and fortune on it). The first half of the film is a typical park comedy, in which the Tramp causes havoc as a result of his mischief with a flirtatious woman, soda bottles, and a nearby lake. The second half requires Charlie to disguise himself as a lady in order to be near Edna, his newfound sweetheart, after her father has forbidden her to see him.
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