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Making A Living

Big making a living
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Virginia Kirtley, Alice Davenport, Henry Lehrman, Chester Conklin
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In his first comedy, made from January 5-9, 1914, Chaplin has not adopted his famous character or costume. His character is a dubious dandy who aspires to be a newspaper reporter; he sports a top hat, frock coat, monocle, and drooping moustache. (He later adopted a variation of this costume for Professor Bosco—a flea-circus proprietor—in his abandoned First National comedy The Professor). The character and costume also harkens back to Chaplin’s time with Fred Karno. Indeed, he infused the part with bits of business he had learned from Karno. Nevertheless, director Henry Lehrman (who plays the rival), cut Chaplin’s best comedy bits. 'Henry Lehrman confessed years later that he had deliberately done it,' Chaplin wrote in his autobiography, 'because, as he put it, he thought I knew too much.' Finished and shipped: January 14, 1914 Released: February 2, 1914 Scenario: Reed Heustis Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Henry Lehrman Length: One reel
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