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The Star Boarder

Big star boarder
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Charlie, as the favorite of the landlady (Minta Durfee), enjoys more of her attention than her husband (Edgar Kennedy) and small son (Gordon Griffith). The mischievous boy secretly records various compromising situations with his box camera and creates chaos when he displays them in a magic lantern show to the assembled residents of the boarding house. The brief, eccentric tennis match between Charlie and his landlady is notable as it records Chaplin’s awareness of the game that would become an off-screen passion beginning in the early 1920s and continuing until a broken ankle and the first of a series of small strokes in 1966 forced him to retire from the sport. Finished and shipped: March 19, 1914 Released: April 4, 1914 Scenario: Craig Hutchinson Producer: Mack Sennett Director: George Nichols Length: One reel
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