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Caught In The Rain

Big caught in the rain
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Charlie flirts with a married lady (Alice Davenport) in a park, only to be warned off by Ambrose (Mack Swain) her outraged husband. Returning to his hotel after a stop at the local saloon, the drunken Charlie is rebuffed in his pursuit of another attractive young woman. Charlie’s room is opposite that of Ambrose and his wife. The sleepwalking wife enters Charlie’s room. Alarmed rather than delighted, Charlie leads her back to her own room and attempts to return to his own bed without Ambrose’s knowledge. At one point, Charlie seeks refuge on a balcony—only to be 'caught in the rain'—and is mistaken by some cops as a burglar. Caught in the Rain is an important work in Chaplin’s career as it is his first film in which scenario and direction were exclusively his own. Chaplin remembered in his autobiography: When I started directing my first picture, I was not as confident as I thought I would be; in fact, I had a slight attack of panic. But after Sennett saw the first day’s work I was reassured…Caught in the Rain…was not a world-beater, but it was funny and quite a success. The film draws upon past successes; Caught in the Rain is not an ambitious effort. The comedy begins in a park (a throwback to Twenty Minutes of Love) quickly moves to a bar (the excuse for Chaplin’s sure-fire drunkard), and finishes with a hotel lobby and room mixup (in the manner of Mabel’s Strange Predicament). Chaplin ends the film with the Keystone Cops for good measure. Chaplin revisited similar situations in A Night Out (1915). Finished and shipped: April 18, 1914 Released: May 4, 1914 Scenario: Charles Chaplin Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Charles Chaplin Length: One reel
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