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The Fatal Mallet

Big fatal mallet
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The Tramp and another man (Mack Sennett) are rivals for the attention of a young woman (Mabel Normand). The competition between the men results in some violent brick hitting and throwing. The two men eventually join forces against another admirer (Mack Swain) with more bricks and a new weapon: a mallet. The comedy concludes with Sennett and Normand walking off together while his rivals having been pushed into a lake. One of the crudest of the Chaplin-Keystone comedies, it nevertheless fascinates for the extended comic interplay between Chaplin and Sennett. Chaplin revisited monstrous mallets as comic weapons in Laughing Gas, The Tramp (1915), and Police (1916). Finished and shipped: May 16, 1914 Released: June 1, 1914 Scenario: Mack Sennett Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Mack Sennett Length: One reel
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