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Modern Times - Tempi Moderni

The book traces back the history of Modern Times from its planning stage to its distribution, through the analysis of more than a hundred pages from the Chaplin archive, here published for the very first time. The book starts off investigating the impact that the cultural and historical climate of the 20s and 30s (from the beginning of the Depression to the New Deal) had on intellectuals, writers, filmmakers.

A second part is devoted both to Chaplin’s ‘iconography of the machine age’ and the analysis of his stylistic development with the use of sound effects and eventually sound. Particular attention is also given to one of Chaplin’s best orchestral score, to issues such as censorship, changing distribution strategies, the film’s reception and revenues, press reviews. The book also includes a selection of more than a hundred photographs.

Documents and essays compiled by Christian Delage with the collaboration of Cecilia Cenciarelli.

Available in Italian. Original archive materials printed in English

English publisher wanted

Italian publisher: Le Mani Editore