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Reproduction / Copyright of Chaplin images

Image Bank

If you wish to use Charlie Chaplin images for any professional purpose please consult our image bank: We have the best photographs of Chaplin from the best source material. Most of the scans are of the original prints and negatives from the former Chaplin studios, as well as from the personal collection of Chaplin and his wife, Oona.

Roy Export SAS is the owner of the Chaplin films made from 1918 onwards (list below), and all the copyrights, rights, images, documents, writings and archives relating to those films and to Mr Chaplin’s life and work in general.

All requests concerning reproduction of images from the Chaplin films made from 1918 onwards should be addressed to Roy Export SAS:

  • A Dog’s Life 1918
  • Shoulder Arms 1918
  • Sunnyside 1919
  • A Day’s Pleasure 1919
  • The Kid 1921
  • The Idle Class 1921
  • Pay Day 1922
  • The Pilgrim 1923
  • A Woman of Paris 1923
  • The Gold Rush 1925 and 1942
  • The Circus 1928
  • City Lights 1931
  • Modern Times 1936
  • The Great Dictator 1940
  • Monsieur Verdoux 1947
  • Limelight 1952
  • A King in New York 1957
  • The Chaplin Revue 1958 (Comprising “A Dog’s Life”, “Shoulder Arms”, “The Pilgrim”)

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