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Tango Tangles

Big tango tangles
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Mack Sennett arranged for his most important comedians—Chaplin, Ford Sterling, Roscoe Arbuckle, and Chester Conklin—to improvise a comedy filmed partly on location at the Venice Dance Hall on Abbott Kinney Pier. The film conveys America’s tango dance craze during the early 1910s. Sterling plays the bandleader, Arbuckle a musician, and Chaplin a drunken patron who all compete for the attention of the hat-check girl (Minta Durfee). Tango Tangles—along with the opening scenes of The Masquerader—provides a precious glimpse of the handsome Chaplin as he looked without comedy makeup and clothes as himself off-screen. Further, Chaplin’s comic bout with Sterling (in his last film with Chaplin) suggests some of the choreography and comic business Chaplin performed as the Inebriate in the Karno sketch Mumming Birds in his encounter with 'Marconi Ali,' the Terrible Turk and anticipates the many comic duels in future films such as the bouts Chaplin performs with John Rand in The Pawnshop (1916). Finished and shipped: February 17, 1914 Released: March 9, 1914 Scenario: Mack Sennett Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Mack Sennett Length: One reel
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