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His Favourite Pastime

Big favpastime
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Charlie’s favorite pastime is drinking at the local tavern. The drunken tramp follows an attractive young lady (Peggy Pearce) to her home where her outraged husband (with whom Charlie has had an altercation earlier at the bar) roughs him up before tossing him out on the street. Chaplin recalled in his autobiography that Peggy Pearce, who plays the object of the Tramp’s affections in this comedy, was his first serious relationship in Hollywood. It is the only film in which they appear together. Chaplin used African-American stereotypes/humor less than any of the other great star comedians—Roscoe Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, and Harry Langdon—of the entire silent-film era. Chaplin once said of African-Americans, 'I never laugh at their humor. They have suffered too much to be funny to me.' Although one may see an occasional Caucasian in 'blackface' in the background of an early Chaplin comedy, it was the custom of the time; there were few African-Americans actors working in Hollywood in 1914. His Favorite Pastime contains the most extensive examples of blackface and humor at the expense of African-Americans in Chaplin’s work at Keystone. Finished and shipped: February 19, 1914 Released: March 16, 1914 Scenario: Craig Hutchinson Producer: Mack Sennett Director: George Nichols Length: One reel
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