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Gentleman Of Nerve

Big gentlemen of nerve
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Chaplin plays Mr. Wow Wow (Chaplin again draws on a Karno sketch, The Wow-Wows, for inspiration) described as “a disturbing influence,” in this slight one reel event comedy filmed partly at Ascot Park speedway (like the earlier Mabel’s Busy Day) on September 20, 1914 to take advantage of the Bert Dingley special exhibition benefit race. The film’s most delightful sequence involves Mr. Wow Wow sitting next to an attractive young woman and stealing sips—through a drinking straw—from her soda bottle. Chaplin later reworked this situation for the lunch break sequence in Behind the Screen (1916). Finished and shipped: October 7, 1914 Released: October 29, 1914 Scenario: Charles Chaplin Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Charles Chaplin Length: One reel
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