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His Musical Career

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Charlie is hired as an assistant piano mover. Instructed to deliver a piano to 666 Prospect Street and to repossess one from 999 Prospect Street, the piano mover (Mack Swain) and his new helper set off in their donkey cart and muddle their assignment by doing the opposite. The film concludes with the slide of the piano down a steep road and sinking into a nearby lake. Charles Parrott plays the owner of the piano store; one of many small parts Parrott played in Chaplin’s Keystone comedies before achieving great fame as a comedian as Charley Chase for pioneering comedy producer Hal Roach. Another notable Roach connection is that Chaplin’s comedy served as a precursor—if not the prototype—to the Laurel and Hardy three-reel comedy The Music Box (1932), produced by Hal Roach and directed by James Parrott (younger brother of Charles), which won the first Academy Award for best short subject (comedy). Beyond his appearances with Chaplin in the Keystone comedies, Mack Swain later appeared in Chaplin’s The Idle Class (1921), Pay Day (1922), The Pilgrim (1923), and as Big Jim McKay in The Gold Rush (1925), his best-remembered role of his entire career. Finished and shipped: October 17, 1914 Released: November 7, 1914 Scenario: Charles Chaplin Producer: Mack Sennett Director: Charles Chaplin Length: One reel
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