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"Ciné-Pousse" Filmmaking Workshops for Kids

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In 2010, the Association Atelier 76 began running filmmaking workshops called “Ciné-Pousse” in primary schools in the working-class neighborhoods of Seine-St-Denis near Paris. But Ciné-Pousse is much more than just a filmmaking project…

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These workshops aim to open up children’s minds to art and culture through slapstick film. The association is committed to offering equal opportunities to the children of Seine-Saint-Denis. Every child involved has several roles in a multifaceted cultural project. The children (re)discover the life and work of Charlie Chaplin, and are also taught to write, act in, and produce their very own short silent film.

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The association now also organizes workshops with children and teenagers at an out-of-school setting, the Cinéma Le Trianon in Romainville. To date, 15 films have been written and produced by the participating kids, including a class of children with disabilities. When the films premiere at Cinéma Le Trianon, the kids themselves welcome guests and run the ticket booth.

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To get in touch, donate or simply to learn more about this fantastic association, check out the Ciné-Pousse webpage. Roy Export and the Chaplin family are happy to be sponsors of Ciné-Pousse.

Photos: © Frédéric Boyadjian and Christophe Raynaud de Lage