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Modern Times Hotel


Our merchandising company Bubbles Inc SA has licensed the rights to the sleek, 4-star Modern Times Hotel, situated between lake and mountains at the heart of the Swiss Riviera, in Saint-Légier. The hotel was officially inaugurated on 22nd March 2016, and is now open. It is a great place to stay when visiting the nearby Chaplin’s World by Grévin, which will open to the public on April 17th.

Chaplin Line-up on French TV

Great Dictator 200

French channel ARTE’s most recent Chaplin programming is currently available online. The Great Dictator and the documentary, The Birth of the Tramp, are available to watch for seven days, and a number of shorts are available until the end of the month.

New Video on Youtube: Chaplin, His Brother and a Penny-farthing

Watch Charlie Chaplin and his brother, Sydney, ride a penny-farthing bicycle in some behind-the-scenes footage from the Chaplin archives of Charlie and Sydney on the set of Sunnyside (1919) with the Bishop of Birmingham, president of the British independent enquiry commission into the physical, social, moral and educational influence of the cinema :

Chaplin Removing his Moustache

Watch Chaplin the man turn into Charlie the Tramp before your very eyes in this rare behind-the-scenes footage from our archives of Chaplin putting on, and taking off, his iconic moustache:

Charlie Chaplin vous parle...

In 1959, Charlie Chaplin released The Chaplin Revue, a film comprising three of his earlier silent films: A Dog’s Life, Shoulder Arms, and The Pilgrim.

He also included an opening narration, as well as voice-over introductions to the films.

But did you know that Chaplin also recorded these voice-overs in French? They were ultimately never used for the French release, but we’ve posted a short excerpt on Youtube. Enjoy!

Original English text from The Chaplin Revue: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Charlie Chaplin talking. This was Hollywood, California in 1915, with its sun-kissed oranges and lemon groves, before it was visited by the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse: oil, movies and aeronautics, who strolled the earth uprooting the orange and lemon trees, and in their stead built factories and motion picture studios. I was one of the offenders. I wanted the studio in a hurry. In the states they do things in a hurry. And, as if by magic, I got it.” The Chaplin Revue © Roy Export S.A.S.

Criterion Releases "The Kid"

On February 16, 2016, the Criterion Collection releases Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”.

kid criterion

Charlie Chaplin was already an international star when he decided to break out of the short-film format and make his first full-length feature. The Kid doesn’t merely show Chaplin at a turning point, when he proved that he was a serious film director—it remains an expressive masterwork of silent cinema. In it, he stars as his lovable Tramp character, this time raising an orphan (a remarkable young Jackie Coogan) he has rescued from the streets. Chaplin and Coogan make a miraculous pair in this nimble marriage of sentiment and slapstick, a film that is, as its opening title card states, “a picture with a smile—and perhaps, a tear.”

Disc Features
- New 4K digital restoration of Charlie Chaplin’s 1972 rerelease version of the film, featuring an original score by Chaplin, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
- New audio commentary featuring Chaplin historian Charles Maland
- Jackie Coogan: The First Child Star, a new video essay by Chaplin historian Lisa Haven
- A Study in Undercranking, a new program featuring silent-film specialist Ben Model
- Interviews with Coogan and actor Lita Grey Chaplin
- Excerpted audio interviews with cinematographer Rollie Totheroh and film distributor Mo Rothman
- Deleted scenes and titles from the original 1921 version of The Kid
- “Charlie” on the Ocean, a 1921 newsreel documenting Chaplin’s first return trip to Europe
- Footage of Chaplin conducting his score for The Kid
- Nice and Friendly, a 1922 silent short featuring Chaplin and Coogan, presented with a new score by composer Timothy Brock
- Trailers
- PLUS: An essay by film scholar Tom Gunning

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