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Charlie’s Father: Charles Chaplin Sr.


The senior Charles Chaplin married Hannah in 1885 and took to the stage professionally a year later. He was well known as a comic singer, and had a number of songs made famous by him, such as “Oui! Tray Bong!”, “Eh! Boys?” and - written by himself – “The Girl Was Young and Pretty”.

Charles Chaplin Sr.
Charles Chaplin Sr.

His marriage to Hannah did not last long, and they separated when Charlie was only about one year old. Charlie Chaplin had little contact with his father, except for a short period when he and Sydney stayed with Charles Chaplin Sr. during their mother’s stay at hospital.

Drinking was a professional problem amongst many music hall stars of the period, and it was alcoholism that eventually killed Charles Chaplin Sr. at the young age of 38, when Charlie Chaplin was 12 years old.

Did you know that Charles Chaplin Sr. toured the U.S. and performed in New York in 1890?

Did you know that Charles Chaplin Sr. was arrested for his failure to provide for his children, Charlie and Sydney Chaplin?

Did you know that it was Charles Chaplin Sr. who got Charlie Chaplin into “The Eight Lancashire Lads,” his debut as a professional actor?

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