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Shoulder Arms

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Year :
Cast :
Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Sydney Chaplin, Jack Wilson, Henry Bergman, Albert Austin, Tom Wilson, John Rand, Park Jones, Loyal Underwood…
Production :
1st National
Description :
Charlie is recruited to the “awkward squad”. Posted to the front line in France, he encounters all the privations of trench life – snipers, flood, food rations, solitude, lice and other vermin. He meets a French girl, whom he subsequently rescues from the German troops. After assuming a series of disguises, he manages to hijack the German Kaiser along with the Crown Prince and General von Hindenburg … but then wakes up, still in the “awkward squad”.
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Filming Shoulder Arms

Chaplin's friends were nervous of his next project, a comedy about the war, which was to become Shoulder Arms. Even Chaplin himself had momentary doubts...

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Deleted Scenes from Shoulder Arms

These outtakes were discarded from Chaplin’s 1918 silent comedy Shoulder Arms

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Chaplin and World War I

It is hard today to believe the scale of Chaplin’s popularity during World War I...