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The Unknown Chaplin DVD October 2005

The BFI is actually planning to release the {{Unknown Chaplin in DVD}} : the classic documentary series by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill

Discovering films by Chaplin never before seen in public was, according to film historian Kevin Brownlow, “the equivalent of finding long-lost sketchbooks by Rembrandt”.

{{The Unknown Chaplin}} uses these films to give a unique insight into Chaplin the filmmaker rather than Chaplin the myth, showing his genius at work. Kevin Brownlow’s and David Gill’s studies of leading film-makers have set new standards of research and accessibility and helped create fresh interest in the pioneers of cinema.

{{“Chaplin, the perfectionist, the dervish on set, has a haunting melancholy beauty about him”}} {Daily Express}

{{“Kevin Brownlow and David Gill are detectives of the first order, the Holmes and Watson of the silent cinema. Their clues: fragile strips of celluloid. Their solutions: terrific reconstructions of silent films.”}} {USA Today}

{{“For nearly three hours we are privileged to see the greatest comic mind at work”}} {The Times}