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Festival Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Italy in July 2006

The annual Festival Ritrovato in Bologna, Italy will take place from July 1st through 8th 2006.

On Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July

Screening of 9 brand new Keystone restorations carried out by Cineteca di Bologna and the BFI/NFTVA: CAUGHT IN A CABARET , THE FACE ON THE BAR ROOM FLOOR , BUSY DAY , THE FATAL MALLET , THE STAR BOARDER, BEWTEEN SHOWERS, HIS PREHISTORIC PAST, THE KNOCK OUT and DOUGH AND DYNAMITE restored with the Library of Congress.

  • On the closing day, Saturday 8th in the afternoon, Lisa Stein will present her book on “A Comedian Sees the World” (which The Cineteca of Bologna is very proud to publish) widely researched on the archive and beautifully illustrated with photos, postcards and magazines from the author’s own collection and Association Chaplin’s materials)

  • On that same afternoon the “Dossier Chaplin” will be focused on “A King in New York”:/en/articles/9 The film, newly restored, will be shown in {Piazza Maggiore} that same night at 22.00 (and according to the Most Prestigious Old Farmer’s Almanac: full moon that night!)

The complete program of the festival will be available soon on our website:

“Cineteca di Bologna”:

For all information about registration/accomodation please contact: Cinetecaanifestazioni1