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Chapliniana in Bologna

From June 1st through October 30th 2007 The Cineteca di Bologna in Italy will present “Chapliniana”

The exhibition “Chaplin e l’Immagine”:/en/infos/7 (“Chaplin in pictures” in english) will be presented in Sala Borsa, Bologna.

“Live orchestral screenings”:/en/articles/131 of “The Chaplin Revue”:/en/articles/2, “City Lights”:/en/articles/4, “The Kid”:/en/articles/3 “Modern Times”:/en/articles/6, “The Gold Rush”:/en/articles/5, “The Circus”:/en/articles/1 and “A Woman of Paris”:/en/articles/10 will be performed in Piazza Maggiore and the Teatro Communale during the summer evenings.

The majority of Chaplin’s films will be also projected during this period, particulary during the film festival June 30-July 2007.

Activities for schools and summer camps will be organised all the summer.

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