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The Montblanc pen

Even 30 years after his death, Charlie Chaplin has not lost any of his popularity. To the present day, he is known and loved by different generations all over the world. Montblanc pays tribute to this icon of the screen with an exceptional edition of writing instruments: the Charlie Chaplin 88 Limited Edition.

In 1936 Chaplin slipped into the role of “The Tramp”; for the last time in the masterpiece that was “Modern Times”. The industrial mechanics from this film are symbolised on this exclusive pen by intricate cog-wheels made of solid white gold, which appear to drive on another on the jet black lacquer of the barrel. Each detail of the pen’s unique design recalls a different aspect of the role which Chaplin will be best remembered; the barrel and cone of the pen are reminiscent of his baggy trousers and his splayed feet. The tip of the cap with the mother-of-pearl Montblanc star is based on his typical bowler hat and his indispensable accessory, the walking cane, appears as the solid white gold clip.

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