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Chaplin at the Symphony with Dan Kamin

h3. West Virginia Symphony presents Chaplin at the Symphony

“An uproarious evening of comedy and music! There’s no better way to experience the art of Charlie Chaplin than the way his original audiences did—on the big screen, with live musical accompaniment. And there’s no better person to introduce his artistry than Dan Kamin, who trained Robert Downey, Jr. for his Oscar-nominated performance as the comedian. The fun begins as Dan creates a silent movie live on stage, drawing both conductor Grant Cooper and the musicians into the comic action. Then Dan introduces two timeless Chaplin comedies, Easy Street and The Immigrant, accompanied by terrific new symphonic scores by our own maestro Cooper.”

  • March 27, 28, West Virginia Symphony, Charleston West Virginia, conducted by Grant Cooper
  • April 18, Muscatine Symphony Orchestra, Muscatine, Iowa, conducted by Brian Dollinger
  • July 24, Shenadoah Valley Music Festival, Orkney Springs, VA, conducted by Grant Cooper
  • October 23, 24, Jacksonville Symphony, Jacksonville, FL, conducted by Grant Cooper