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Chaplin Touring in US Theaters

Chaplin is now in North Carolina in the City of Durham

The retrospective has seven of Chaplin’s feature films – from the 1921 films “The Kid” and “The Idle Class” to the 1957 film “A King in New York.” – and two programs of short films, “The Little Tramp Shorts, 1918-1919” and “Chaplin Shorts, 1918-1922.” Among other classic Chaplin titles in this retrospective are “The Gold Rush” (in its 1942 reissue form, with Chaplin’s original music and narration) and the 1931 film “City Lights.”

One major bonus in this series is the quality of the images that viewers will see, Carl said. All are in newly struck 35mm prints, with crisp images unspoiled by time and wear. “When you come to the retrospective… you’re going to be seeing Chaplin in the best possible form that is available at this time to see a motion picture,” he said.

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