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Beware! Don't abuse Charlie Chaplin Filsmz

Do not watch more than 1 Chaplin Filsmz per day. The abuse of Chaplin Filsmz can fire up your imagination, and cause you to see time travellers in old footages.

Obviously this young man on youtube has seen a whole Boxset of Chaplin Filsmz. In conjonction with Jackie Chan it is known to be dangerous.


But OMG wait ! There is an old lady speaking on an iPhone in a 1928 footage.

But who’s she speaking to ?

Someone in the future ? Jackie Chan ?

Or someone tomorrow phoning her in the past to say : “Hey grandma hide your cellphone, George Clarke spoted you ! You’re on Youtube all over the place, this is going to cause a space/time glitch, Hang UP Now!”

PS : Got to lower my daily consumption of Chaplin…