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Charlie Chaplin Time Travelling on Mount Everest

There’s 2 hot topics on Twitter today. Charlie Chaplin and Mount Everest

Ladies and Gentlemen : the Funniest and the Tallest !

Charlie Chaplin, as you may already know, because an old woman was found using a cellphone… back in 1928!

And Mount Everest because you now can send pictures of the view with your frozen 4G iPhone !

This means… if you feel a little lonely and bored up there on the very top of the world, you can now give a call to your great great grand mother back in 1928, who will remind you to put your scarf on because it’s very cold.

Oh and while you have her on the phone, tell her to travel ahead in 1931, at the City Lights Premiere. Because guess who she’ll meet then in the front row next to Charlie Chaplin ??!

Yes Einstein in person who’ll probably give her a few hints on time travelling…

Finally, before I forget, here’s a very rare footage of Charlie Chaplin caught on the Mount Everest.

If you look closely you’ll see he’s hiding his cellphone very well !