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Charlie Chaplin Film Festival in Waterville

Many agree that the Charlie Chaplin Film Festival in Waterville (Ireland) was a great success.

Charlie Chaplin used to go there with his family for holidays, and following the tradition, 2 of his daughters are still regular visitors of this beautiful spot.

A statue of Chaplin facing the sea is a local touristic attraction : you can see it lost in its immortality, contemplating seagulls and who knows, maybe somewhere above the Ocean, good ol’ United States where all the glory began…

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But melancholy is not in the Little Tramp’s nature and one might speculate that the vivid spirit of the ‘funniest man in the world’ inspired the local villagers to bring some animation in.


And so the Charlie Chaplin Film Festival was born with the aim to have a lot of fun and retribute new and aspiring filmmakers whose creations would honour Chaplin’s irreverence, integrity, honesty, humour and warmth…

Renowned Film Makers and Chaplin Experts have come to assist, judge and enlighten the festival with their insights.


So we wanted to congratulate the Happy winners of the first ever ‘Charlie’ Awards at the Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival 2011 :

  • Alice O’ Sullivan for ‘Tearing Strips’
  • Ciro Altabas for ‘Manual practico del amigo imaginario’
  • Paddy Hayes for ‘Diabhal ag an damhsa’
  • Mark Holland for ‘Gailge Bhriste’

…recipients of the first ever ‘Charlie’ awards.


And also the wonderfull people who made that event possible….