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The Hat, The Cane, The Moustache

August 1-26, 2013 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: The Hat, The Cane, The Moustache is a solo show in which a young actor explores the life and career of his idol, Charlie Chaplin.

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Clive Elkington stars in this unique and playful look at one of the world’s most famous film stars.

Explore the life and career of Charlie Chaplin through the eyes of a young actor in the moments before he goes on stage to recreate his idol. This one man show is a funny and extraordinary story of two performers, told in words, visual and physical theatre - all with a great big toothy grin, and the inspiration of a legend to draw on… With a hat, a cane and a moustache, Chaplin’s Little Tramp will come back to life right before your eyes.

For more information, see the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website. You can also check out the show’s Facebook page - Or if you tweet, follow @ChaplinEdFringe