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Charlie Chaplin Festival 2014, Le Silo


The second annual Charlie Chaplin Festival will take place from February 13th - February 16th, 2014 at the Théâtre Le Silo in Montoire sur le Loir, France.

Annie Chaplin hosts the festival in homage to her father in her theatre Le Silo. There will be an exhibition and screenings of three of Chaplin’s masterpieces.


Thursday, 13th Feb at 7 pm: Festival Opening with a Free screening of the documentary La naissance de Charlot

Thursday, 13th Feb at 8:30 pm: Screening of Monsieur Verdoux

Friday, 14th Feb at 7 pm: Screening of The Kid

Saturday, 15th Feb at 6 pm: Screening of Monsieur Verdoux

Saturday, 15th Feb at 9:30 pm: Screening of *Modern Times”

Sunday, 16th Feb at 3:30 pm: Screening of The Kid

Sunday, 16th Feb at 5pm: Screening of Modern Times

Visit the website of Le Silo for further details.