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Upcoming screenings in Finland

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To celebrate 125 years since Chaplin’s birth and 100 years since Chaplin’s first film, the City of Helsinki is organizing screenings of several Charlie Chaplin films in three of the city’s cultural offices: Malmitalo (the Malmitalo website), Kanneltalo (the Kanneltalo website) and Vuotalo (the Vuotalo website).

The program is as follows :

September 15th : The Kid at the Kanneltalo
October 9th : The Circus at the Malmitalo
October 20th : The Gold Rush at the Kanneltalo
November 13th : The Gold Rush at the Malmitalo
November 24th : Modern Times at the Vuotalo
November 27th : Modern Times at the Malmitalo
November 17th : Limelight at the Kanneltalo
December 18th : Limelight at the Malmitalo