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"The Circus" Soundtrack - Now Online

Chaplin returned to his early silent films later in life, to compose music to accompany them on soundtracks for new theatrical release. The Circus was re-released by United Artists in 1969. At the music recording session, a male vocalist was employed to sing Swing High Little Girl, which was to be played over the opening credits of the film as Merna Kennedy swings on a trapeze. His recording still exists in the Chaplin archives, but according to arranger Eric James, the interpretation, though good, was not quite what they were looking for. Chaplin was apparently always singing the song, and James suggested that they record him, just so that he and his family could have it to listen to with orchestral accompaniment. Chaplin happily complied… and his rendition was the one that was chosen for the film. He was 79 years old.

The full soundtrack from The Circus is now on youtube so you can listen from anywhere! Visit our Youtube channel or play the video above to listen.

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