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Charlie Chaplin vous parle...

In 1959, Charlie Chaplin released The Chaplin Revue, a film comprising three of his earlier silent films: A Dog’s Life, Shoulder Arms, and The Pilgrim.

He also included an opening narration, as well as voice-over introductions to the films.

But did you know that Chaplin also recorded these voice-overs in French? They were ultimately never used for the French release, but we’ve posted a short excerpt on Youtube. Enjoy!

Original English text from The Chaplin Revue: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Charlie Chaplin talking. This was Hollywood, California in 1915, with its sun-kissed oranges and lemon groves, before it was visited by the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse: oil, movies and aeronautics, who strolled the earth uprooting the orange and lemon trees, and in their stead built factories and motion picture studios. I was one of the offenders. I wanted the studio in a hurry. In the states they do things in a hurry. And, as if by magic, I got it.” The Chaplin Revue © Roy Export S.A.S.