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Screenings in Copenhagen

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The Danish Film Institute Cinematheque has been celebrating the 100 years of The Tramp with several screenings in February and March. Here are some of their March screenings:

  • A Dog’s Life + The Idle Class: March 11th
  • The Gold Rush: March 12th
  • City Lights: March 13th
  • Modern Times: March 13th and March 25th
  • The Circus: March 16th

Visit the Danish Film Institue website for full details.

City Lights with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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On Friday, March 21st, 2014, 8:00 pm, don’t miss a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece City Lights with live orchestral accompaniment at the Chicago Symphony Center. Richard Kaufman conducts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Chaplin’s own score. City Lights, believed by many to be the greatest film Chaplin ever made, follows the Tramp on his quest to rescue the Flower Girl from blindness and poverty.

For tickets and event details, visit the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s website.

The Gold Rush with Live Orchestra

Gold Rush Shooting inside studios

For those of you who wish to experience the magic of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Gold Rush” while listening to a live orchestra play Chaplin’s own score, here are a few upcoming U.S. dates:

23 Feb 2014 - Vancouver, WA - Visit the Bravo! Vancouver Concert Series website for details

28 Feb 2014 - Tampa, FL - Visit the Florida Orchestra website for details

01 Mar 2014 - St. Petersburg, FL - Visit the Florida Orchestra website for details

01 Mar 2014 - Tempe, AZ - Visit the Arizona Pro Arte Ensemble website for details

14 Mar 2014 - Lexington, KY - Visit the Lexington Philharmonic website for details

And, as always, our full, regularly updated list of live orchestral screenings of Chaplin films around the world is available on our live orchestral screenings page.

Toronto Silent Film Fest Celebrates 100 Years of Chaplin


The 2014 Toronto Silent Film Festival celebrates 100 years of Chaplin on film. The festival runs from April 3rd to April 8th, 2014, featuring screenings of Chaplin’s The Circus, The Masquerader and Behind the Screen. See the Toronto Silent Film Festival’s website for full details.

And if you are on Instagram, check out the wonderful Charlie Chaplin Timeline the festival has put online to celebrate Chaplin’s centenary on film. Please note this only works on mobile devices:

The Birth of The Tramp Celebration - Bologna


On February 7th, 1914 Charlie Chaplin wore his Tramp costume for the very first time in front of a camera. Arguably he is the only filmmaker who captured the dark essence of the 20th century in such a universal and misleadingly light-hearted way. Cineteca di Bologna and Association Chaplin are celebrating this important anniversary with a three-day event.

The Birth of the Tramp Celebration will begin on the evening of Wednesday, June 25th with an outdoor live orchestral screening in Piazza Maggiore of Kid Auto Races at Venice with Timothy Brock’s new score composed especially for 2014, and other films to be confirmed, accompanied by the Orchestra of the Bologna Opera House.

Registration details can be found on the Cineteca di Bologna’s special web pages dedicated to the event.

The conference will start in the morning of Thursday 26th. Highlights of the first day will include a keynote address by David Robinson, and a talk from Paul Duncan who will reveal some hitherto unknown gems found during his work on the Chaplin Archive book for Taschen (publication autumn 2014).

The conference will cover a large breadth of topics: presentations will deal with Chaplinitis, fakes and imitators and the Tramp’s reception and influence in Czechoslovakia, India, Japan and China, to name but some. There will also be papers on The Tramp in Art and Philosophy, and animation, on Chaplin the Filmmaker, and Chaplin & Music. Keynote speaker Lisa Haven will tackle Chaplin’s influence on members of the American Counterculture movement.

On Thursday evening Jos Houben’s The Art of Laughter followed by Dan Kamin’s Funny Bones will be performed in a local theatre. Friday’s evening show will be an illustrated talk by Kevin Brownlow on Chaplin and the First World War.

An exhibition of some Chaplin works by Leo Kouper, the artist who painted his first Chaplin poster in the 1950s for the re-release of the Gold Rush, will include ideas that never made it to the United Artists advertising department. Mr Kouper will be in attendance and designed our celebration poster and logo.

Michael Chaplin will present his latest research on his father’s gypsy origins and David Totheroh, grandson of Chaplin’s longtime cameraman Rollie, will discuss his grandfather’s work.

Invitations have gone out to filmmakers, writers, and film critics. Updates on the conference schedule, the screening program and all related activities will be released on the conference website in the months leading to the event.

The 2014 Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival will start on Saturday June 28th and run throughout the following week to end on Saturday July 5th.

For information please contact:

A Salute to the Little Tramp, Kansas Silent Film Fest

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For the 100th anniversary of the creation of the iconic Tramp, the 2014 Kansas Silent Film Festival will feature a salute to Charlie Chaplin. The festival takes place on February 28th and March 1st, 2014.

Enjoy screenings of MODERN TIMES, THE MASQUERADER, CHARLIE ON THE WINDMILL (an animated short), and more!

The festival is FREE but they are happy to accept donations!

Full program details can be found on the 2014 Kansas Silent Film Festival website.