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A limited edition print

The company Cult Prints in collaboration with the Charlie Chaplin biographer; David Robinson, has obtained exclusive access to a reproduction of a rare image of Charlie Chaplin from c.1920 which will soon be released as a museum-quality, limited edition print.

“Read more about this limited edition Charlie Chaplin print here”:

Lookalike Contests

“Charlie Chaplin Days with the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum”:

Evening Screening of “The Kid”:/en/articles/3 *

Bologna in Pictures !

The Chaplin in Pictures exhibition opened in its new venue in Bologna, Italy, on Saturday June 1st. This is the first time that an exhibition has been held in Bologna’s newly restored Sala Borsa, and it was opened with great pomp and circumstance by the Mayor.

Nino Comba has done a wonderful job installing Sam Stourdzé’s exhibition into the gallery running around the main hall. He has also created fun Chaplin boards outside the hall in the Piazza Maggiore, with solar powered lights so they are lit at night.

The Cineteca di Bologna has added to the original exhibition – which now contains photos from the set of A Countess of Hong Kong by Sophia Loren’s photographer Tazio Secchiaroli, a series of original drawings for the set of “The Great Dictator”:/en/articles/13 and a section of audiovisual documents about Chaplin’s reception in Italy, including an interview with Federico Fellini.

A special Chaplin/Bologna tote bag, postcards, posters and books are for sale in the Sala Borsa, including a new Italian version of the exhibition catalogue.

Donations to the Chaplin Archives May 2007

Association Chaplin would like to thank Tracey McIntire and Nancy Marie Cassady for their incredible generosity in donating their lifetime Chaplin collections to the Chaplin archive.

Some of the more precious objects will be exhibited in the Paris office, others will be put in storage in Switzerland until the Chaplin museum opens. Hopefully the museum curators will be able to incorporate part of these collections into the merchandising section.

We are very touched by Tracey and Nancy’s kindness.

Chapliniana in Bologna

From June 1st through October 30th 2007 The Cineteca di Bologna in Italy will present “Chapliniana”

The exhibition “Chaplin e l’Immagine”:/en/infos/7 (“Chaplin in pictures” in english) will be presented in Sala Borsa, Bologna.

“Live orchestral screenings”:/en/articles/131 of “The Chaplin Revue”:/en/articles/2, “City Lights”:/en/articles/4, “The Kid”:/en/articles/3 “Modern Times”:/en/articles/6, “The Gold Rush”:/en/articles/5, “The Circus”:/en/articles/1 and “A Woman of Paris”:/en/articles/10 will be performed in Piazza Maggiore and the Teatro Communale during the summer evenings.

The majority of Chaplin’s films will be also projected during this period, particulary during the film festival June 30-July 2007.

Activities for schools and summer camps will be organised all the summer.

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Interesting article in the Guardian archives

Here’s “a short article”:,,0105162,00.html from ‘the Guardian’ archives(1952) on a few reasons America harassed Charlie Chaplin since the beginning of his career (~ 1917): scandals, moral critics, refusal of American citizenship, social & political criticism etc., topped with his perceived immense influence

Shoulder Arms live performance

First ever performance of Timothy Brock’s reduction of Chaplin’s score for “Shoulder Arms, with Kyoto Symphony” April 1st 2007, conducted by Saito Ichiro.