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A new disc called Eternally

A Guitar/Bass duo play music composed by Chaplin:
“Now that it’s ended, Mandolin serenade, Sing a song, Falling star, Without you, Beautiful, wonderful eyes, Eternally, The spring song, You are the song, Weeping willows, Smile”

The music played by Manfred Junker (guitars) and German Klaiber (bass) is sweet, relaxing and jazzy.

“Purchase this CD”:

Sydney Chaplin website

Lisa Stein, Assistant Professor of English at Ohio University-Zaneville and author of the re-issue of Charlie Chaplin’s “A Comedian Sees the World” with her annotations and hyper-textual enhancements, dedicates an entire site to Charlie’s half brother: “Sydney Chaplin”:, awaiting her book about his life-and-art. This first study should be finished in 2009.
After several years as a vaudeville comedian for the Karno Company and then Keystone’s actor in the USA - Sydney considerably helped his brother with his career and its financial aspects.
He was a real business manager for him and negociated Charlie’s biggest contracts. He was a real bon vivant.
We are waiting for Lisa’s new book with impatience


Chaplin Projections in California

h2. Charlie Chaplin Days

Saturday, June & Sunday, June 8

h3. Projection of Essanay films

“At the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum”:
37417 Niles Boulevard
Fremont, California

Liu Jo Chaplin clothes

Liu Jo 2008 Chaplin Collection now available through their stores in Europe
Trendy womens tops bearing the Little Tramp image.
Congratulations to Liu Jo for their creativity !

Have a look on the new products in our SHOP SECTION !

Unfortunately, Liu Jo does not have an online shop.

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Basic House clothes

Some brand new Chaplin clothes from South Korea !

“The Basic House website”:

Have a look !

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And the (smaller big) winner is...

Congratulations to all the children who took part in our competition and who appreciate Chaplin’s films so young !


h2. 1St Prize : “Israelhatikvah”:/users/449.

You MUST SEE the whole set of pictures. The one Israelhatikvah won for is the only picture posted before the deadline, but they all deserve a Prize. Bravo ! They are irresistible !


h2. 2nd Prize : “Jolie Albee”:/users/536

When we saw both Israelhatikvah’s and Jolie Albee’s sets of pictures we really wished there had been more children participating in the competition. In those wide eyes staring at you one could recognize something of Chaplin at the ending of “City Lights”. Bravo again.


h2. 3rd Prize : “Mein”:/users/366

“Watch out! The policeman is just behind you !!!”

Congratulations to all again and don’t hesitate to send more lookalikes, no matter if the competiton is finished, we really enjoy them a lot here at the Association, And I’m sure you do too.

PS : “Jolie Albee” and “Mein” Pictures were posted after the 25th of December deadline but they had sent pictures before which were lost as stated “here”:/ublogs/51. They were therefore easily recouped and remained eligible.

And the winner is...

Happy New Year to everyone !

Congratulations to the winners.

They have been calculated/determined by your ratings and level of participation (the more rates the more weight your vote had on the average).


h2. 1St Prize : “Meeximus”:/users/286.

Apart from the image she has won for (this beautiful evocation of “Gold Rush”) you’ll find on “her personal page”:/users/286 a great set of fun and creative pictures.

PS : don’t forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


h2. 2nd Prize “h_essay”:/users/200

“h_essay”:/users/200 has many great pictures as well, we find both touching and funny (like the one where she makes a face at Buster Keaton). And we would like to thank her for the refreshing enthusiasm she has shown on our website.


h2. 3rd Prize “silent_twenties”:/users/131

“silent_twenties”:/users/131 made a great homage to “the kid”, we believe it’s a shame they didn’t get better ratings, she still has won the third prize for this very Chaplin-like picture of the little tramp sleeping on a bench.


h2. 4th Prize : “dingoesatmycamera”:/users/352

“dingoesatmycamera”:/users/352 finally fourth prize for this well designed picture echoing a famous picture of Charlie Chaplin in his 50s. Great work!

We thank all of you for your photos, enthusiasm and homage to Charlie Chaplin.

Keep in touch, we hope to organize a new competition soon…