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Michael Cartellone Paints Chaplin

If you call yourself Michael and you are a great pop/rock musician there is a great chance you’re also a die hard fan of Charlie Chaplin.

“Michael Cartellone”:, drummer for the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd band, is also a painter and when he doesn’t ferociously bang the sticks on the drums, he gently lets one fly over the canvas to capture the life of his other great passion, Chaplin.

He is now selling 82 signed and numbered Limited Edition giclee’ on paper reproductions of the Charlie Chaplin portrait, “have a look”:

Michael Jackson as The Little Tramp

Michael Jackson used to be a huge fan of Chaplin. “Here”: is an amazing image of him in London, in front of the house where Chaplin used to live with his mother and brother Sydney.. The picture has been taken by Tony Prime in 1979…

Books, Books, Books

Charlie Chaplin has never ceased to inspire writers wether for his life or the myth he created around the character of the little tramp.

One (“The Tramp’s Odyssey”: “weighs the relationship between the Tramp, his creator, and his worldwide fans”.

The other (“Chaplin: A Life”: “illuminates both the screen legend and the turbulent era through which he lived and worked”

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Happy Birthday !

Today (ahem yesterday, sorry for that) Charlie Chaplin would have been 120 years old. But never has he been so young in our hearts, and so modern in these times of crisis.

The best way to celebrate him is of course to watch his films. Have you seen any on wide screen accompanied by live orchestra ? It’s a unique experience. Also there are more and more of them planned, specially in the U.S. and we only get reports of great success.

The schedules are at our “SHOWS Section”:

In France the 26 of November la Cité de la musique is projecting shorts (public domain) accompanied by Student of “le Conservatoire de Paris” jazz section.

Chaplin at the Symphony with Dan Kamin

h3. West Virginia Symphony presents Chaplin at the Symphony

“An uproarious evening of comedy and music! There’s no better way to experience the art of Charlie Chaplin than the way his original audiences did—on the big screen, with live musical accompaniment. And there’s no better person to introduce his artistry than Dan Kamin, who trained Robert Downey, Jr. for his Oscar-nominated performance as the comedian. The fun begins as Dan creates a silent movie live on stage, drawing both conductor Grant Cooper and the musicians into the comic action. Then Dan introduces two timeless Chaplin comedies, Easy Street and The Immigrant, accompanied by terrific new symphonic scores by our own maestro Cooper.”

  • March 27, 28, West Virginia Symphony, Charleston West Virginia, conducted by Grant Cooper
  • April 18, Muscatine Symphony Orchestra, Muscatine, Iowa, conducted by Brian Dollinger
  • July 24, Shenadoah Valley Music Festival, Orkney Springs, VA, conducted by Grant Cooper
  • October 23, 24, Jacksonville Symphony, Jacksonville, FL, conducted by Grant Cooper

The Circus Live Screening March 21& 22

Brassage Cinema will present “The Circus”:/en/articles/1 with live orchestra on March 21st and 22nd March 2009 at the local theatre: “Studio Des Ursulines”:
10, rue des Ursulines 75005 Paris

On Saturday 21st March at 4.00 PM and 8.30 PM On Sunday 22nd March at 11.00 AM - 4.00 PM - 6.00 PM

Please call 33 (1) 56 81 15 20 to Book tickets Or write to