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"Unknown Chaplin" Reissue

Reissue box set of The Unknown Chaplin DVD and book, edited by “La Cineteca di Bologna”:

Unknown Chaplin is Kevin Brownlow and David Gill 1983 fanstastic documentary insight into Chaplin’s work. Featuring out-takes from Chaplin’s films, and other rare footage, “Unknown Chaplin”: gives a valuable insight into the creation of Chaplin’s films.

Also included are interviews with people who knew and worked with Chaplin. The documentary is in three parts: My Happiest Years, Hidden Treasures and “The Great Director”.

Chaplin quotation scarf

Our licencee Parol Accessoires have launched a new Chaplin quotation scarf:

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in long-shot”

Please see “their website”:–Charlie-Chaplin-chestnut-.html/XTCsid/11105357e6750b0d033bf2bbce7c09b5 for more details.


A Song from Katie Herzig

A “charming song”: from Katie Herzig nicely capturing the spirit of Charlie Chaplin.


Brazil - Projeto Sorria (Project Smile)


A social/cultural project to increase the access to Chaplin’s work to every social class of Brazilian school children.

A group of Chaplin enthusiasts has decided to take Charlie to school. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and it is lovely to hear that Chaplin films still delight children of all nationalities.

The organisers have prepared a video of one of the first Sao Paolo school visits in the hope of gaining sponsorship to buy projectors and other materials.


Our Favorite Charity

We’ll let the image speak for itself :-)


“Rx Laughter”

A California-based international charity that helps sick children and adults suffering from illness and trauma by prescribing comedy, and Chaplin films in particular.

For information on the research being carried out, and donations please see : “”: or email

Michael Cartellone Paints Chaplin

If you call yourself Michael and you are a great pop/rock musician there is a great chance you’re also a die hard fan of Charlie Chaplin.

“Michael Cartellone”:, drummer for the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd band, is also a painter and when he doesn’t ferociously bang the sticks on the drums, he gently lets one fly over the canvas to capture the life of his other great passion, Chaplin.

He is now selling 82 signed and numbered Limited Edition giclee’ on paper reproductions of the Charlie Chaplin portrait, “have a look”:

Michael Jackson as The Little Tramp

Michael Jackson used to be a huge fan of Chaplin. “Here”: is an amazing image of him in London, in front of the house where Chaplin used to live with his mother and brother Sydney.. The picture has been taken by Tony Prime in 1979…