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Charlie Chaplin Time Travelling on Mount Everest

There’s 2 hot topics on Twitter today. Charlie Chaplin and Mount Everest

Ladies and Gentlemen : the Funniest and the Tallest !

Charlie Chaplin, as you may already know, because an old woman was found using a cellphone… back in 1928!

And Mount Everest because you now can send pictures of the view with your frozen 4G iPhone !

This means… if you feel a little lonely and bored up there on the very top of the world, you can now give a call to your great great grand mother back in 1928, who will remind you to put your scarf on because it’s very cold.

Oh and while you have her on the phone, tell her to travel ahead in 1931, at the City Lights Premiere. Because guess who she’ll meet then in the front row next to Charlie Chaplin ??!

Yes Einstein in person who’ll probably give her a few hints on time travelling…

Finally, before I forget, here’s a very rare footage of Charlie Chaplin caught on the Mount Everest.

If you look closely you’ll see he’s hiding his cellphone very well !


Beware! Don't abuse Charlie Chaplin Filsmz

Do not watch more than 1 Chaplin Filsmz per day. The abuse of Chaplin Filsmz can fire up your imagination, and cause you to see time travellers in old footages.

Obviously this young man on youtube has seen a whole Boxset of Chaplin Filsmz. In conjonction with Jackie Chan it is known to be dangerous.


But OMG wait ! There is an old lady speaking on an iPhone in a 1928 footage.

But who’s she speaking to ?

Someone in the future ? Jackie Chan ?

Or someone tomorrow phoning her in the past to say : “Hey grandma hide your cellphone, George Clarke spoted you ! You’re on Youtube all over the place, this is going to cause a space/time glitch, Hang UP Now!”

PS : Got to lower my daily consumption of Chaplin…

Chaplin Touring in US Theaters

Chaplin is now in North Carolina in the City of Durham

The retrospective has seven of Chaplin’s feature films – from the 1921 films “The Kid” and “The Idle Class” to the 1957 film “A King in New York.” – and two programs of short films, “The Little Tramp Shorts, 1918-1919” and “Chaplin Shorts, 1918-1922.” Among other classic Chaplin titles in this retrospective are “The Gold Rush” (in its 1942 reissue form, with Chaplin’s original music and narration) and the 1931 film “City Lights.”

One major bonus in this series is the quality of the images that viewers will see, Carl said. All are in newly struck 35mm prints, with crisp images unspoiled by time and wear. “When you come to the retrospective… you’re going to be seeing Chaplin in the best possible form that is available at this time to see a motion picture,” he said.

Read more: The Herald-Sun - Chaplin at Carolina Theatre

Read more on The Herald Sun

The Gentleman Tramp Special Dvd Release

In 1975, filmmaker Richard Patterson produced a documentary on Charles Chaplin which was the first such film that included scenes from later films including City Lights, Modern Times, The Great Dictator, Verdoux, Limelight, etc. It also contains footage of Chaplin from decades worth of newsreels, home movies, the historic Oscar telecast from 1972 and footage taken of him at his home in Vevey in 1974. He is the only person who had full access to Charlie and Oona and was able to film them at their home. Walter Matthau, Laurence Olivier and Jack Lemmon provide various narration as well as some the finest voice talents in Hollywood.

“The Gentleman Tramp” is one of the finest documentaries on Chaplin and is not a talking heads documentary. Rather, it unfolds in pictures and story through the use of transcripts, film sequences, news articles, memoribilia and all in the space of seventy eight minutes. It’s visual style and swift pace makes it one of the best and most entertaining film documentaries you’re likely to see.

Once available on VHS (and on twenty five 16mm prints released to libraries and universities), Richard Patterson has produced eight hundred limited edition DVD sets of his loving and sometimes brutally honest depiction of the Little Tramp. The film was mastered from the original film elements and is breathtaking to behold. Instead of selling them at a premium, Richard Patterson has released them through and is selling them for $10 plus shipping! You will be buying them direct from Mr. Patterson.

Keystone at Last Available !!!

The “Cineteca Cologna” - “BFI” - “Lobster” Keystone restorations at last available on dvd

Chaplin’s first films as you have never seen them before.

Get it on Amazon (U.S

Soon to be available in Europe…

San Fransisco Chaplin Retrospective

Charlie Chaplin: A five-day, 12-film retrospective featuring all-new 35mm prints opens Saturday with perhaps the most underrated of the Little Tramp’s efforts, “The Circus” (1928), preceded by two shorts, “The Idle Class” (1921) and “A Day’s Pleasure” (1919).

Far from a minor effort, “The Circus” deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as other Chaplins being screened over the next week, including “City Lights” (Sunday), “Modern Times” (Monday), “The Great Dictator” (Tuesday) and “The Kid” (Tuesday).

Part of the reason is that it is packed with one visually inventive sequence after another, even more so than most Chaplin films - the funhouse and tightrope set pieces in particular. Also, the unrequited love story with a trick horse rider (Merna Kennedy) is especially affecting. Chaplin, who won a special Academy Award for the film, was an acute social and political critic.

If he had decided to write instead of make films, he would have been George Orwell.

Saturday through Wednesday at :
the Castro Theatre
429 Castro St. San Fransisco
(415) 621-6120