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The Chaplin College ! (in Switzerland))


Le collège des Crosets entre Corsier et Vevey en Suisse a décidé de se consacrer à Chaplin. Toutes les classes y ayant participé, c’est un décor entièrement Charlot qui accueille le visiteur.

Les plus petits se sont déguisés et se sont pris en photo, les plus grands ont dansé, et tous ont peint, dessiné, créé de centaines de CHARLOTS

Ils ont regardé les films, ils ont travaillé sur des mots, sur le noir et blanc, sur le mime.

Les enseignants ont pu découvrir l’ outil de travail utile que peut être Chaplin et son œuvre…pour parler de la danse, de l’histoire, du theâtre, du cinema…et peut être même pour apprendre l’anglais.

C’est un travail magnifique et impressionnant, jamais on a vu autant de Charlots en un seul endroit. BRAVO à tous.

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The college des Crosets near Corsier in Switzerland decided to concentrate on Chaplin. All the classes came up with different things – and the whole school is decorated à la Chaplin.

The youngest ones dressed up and had their photos taken, the elder ones danced, and they all painted, drew, created hundreds of Chaplins.

They watched films, worked on words and on black and white, studied mime.

The teachers had the opportunity to see what a useful tool for learning Chaplin and his work can be – to study dance, history, theatre, cinema…and maybe even to learn English.

This is an incredibly wonderful exhibition – we have never seen so many Chaplins in one place. Congratulations to all.

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Who is Charlie Chaplin ?

We don’t know but you may want to ask those guys in london in 1921 ?


or these berliners in 1931 ?


Maybe Churchill knows who Chaplin is


Well if Churchill doesn’t I’m sure Einstein does


Ok as a last resort we’ll ask Gandhi, I’m sure he’s heard of him


No really no one knows who the heck Charlie Chaplin is ?

Oh well he’s probably just some tramp



BBC Radio 4 : "The Chaplin Archive"

BBC Radio will broadcast two 30 minute programmes on the Chaplin home and archives in Switzerland, as explored by writer and critic Matthew Sweet. Episode one centres around interviews with Michael Chaplin at the Manoir de Ban, episode 2 around the archives in Montreux with Kate Guyonvarch

episode 1 Monday February 21st
episode 2 Monday February 28th 11 AM

An exclusive look into Charlie Chaplin’s life through his personal archives. Some of this material has never been revealed before so it’s a wonderful opportunity for the Radio 4 audience.

"Modern Times" (traveller) in Bluray !!!

Our official distributors in the U.S, Criterion, have just released Modern Times in BluRay, with a beautiful and daring cover picture.

This clever review has got it all right. The real Time Traveller is not an old lady captured in “The Circus” footage, as you may have heard*, but the Little Tramp Himself.

75 years later this absolute masterpiece hasn’t a wrinkle. It is as Modern and Timeless as the very first day it was released


Get it on amazon U.S

* see previous news

Chaplin Conference Zanesville Ohio

Fans and experts from all over the world congregated in sunny Zanesville for 3 days where speakers such as David Robinson (Chaplin’s Biography), Chuck Maland (Chaplin and the American Culture), David Shepard and many others regaled them with fascinating insights on Chaplin’s life and work.

Lisa Stein introduced new facts on Sydney Chaplin, from her biography to be published in November.

Alice Arzt and Bruce Lawton brought their Chaplin hat and cane. Great fun was had by all.

Many thanks to Lisa Stein and all at University Ohio Zanesville who helped make this such a successful event.