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Darling, Charlie is just FABULOUS

Watch this amazing fashion show by “John Galliano”:, inspired by Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.


The Chaplin Mutuals with Carl Davis in New York

The 22nd of July Carl Davis is conducting the Brooklyn Philharmonic in “live performances”: of his original scores to “Easy Street”, “1:00 AM”, and “Behind the Screen”, three of Charlie Chaplin’s classics from the “Mutual Film Corporation”.



A moving moment from the Guardian Archives

!! Down the memory lane : in 1975, 2 years before his death, Charlie Chaplin goes to London to receive his knighthood from the Queen. “The Guardian’s moving article, Chaplin in Limelight”:, describes how this old and diminished man gathers up his energy to receive his ultimate honor with his beloved wife Oona, still thinking about his next film…

Lost and Formerly Unknown Chaplin Shorts

!! Chaplin had recalled in his own autobiography that apart from his starring role Keystone Comedies, he had also played bit parts as a Keystone Kop in several pictures. Despite this information, the titles of these works remained elusive for over 90 years and no film prints have surfaced – until now. The film festival “SLAPSTICON 2010”: proudly presents one of those previously thought lost Keystone comedies.


Gold Rush Screening in Santa Monica C.A.


“American cinemathèque”: to screen new 35mm prints of The Gold Rush, A Dog’s Life, A Day’s Pleasure, and Shoulder Arms, June 19th 2010, Aero Theatre 1328 Montana Avenue Santa Monica CA 7.30PM

Chaplin Festival in New York

During 3 weeks (from the 16th of July until the 3rd of August) “Film Forum”: is showing the best feature films of Charlie Chaplin in New York (209 WEST HOUSTON ST).

Among them you’ll find :

  • “The Circus”: - 1928 Academy Award film.
  • “City Lights”: - probably his Masterpiece
  • “Gold Rush”: - the film Chaplin wanted to be remembered for
  • “Modern Times”: - with Paulette Goddard
  • “The Kid”: - with the amazing Jackie Coogan

and many more…

For details you can consult “the film forum schedules”:

As Martin Scorsese puts it : “As fresh and startling as it was 50 years ago!”