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Chaplin Inspired Ballet

Grand Rapids Ballet Company to do a Chaplin inspired ballet, the revival of Gordon Peirce Schmidt’s “Flickers,” a one-act ballet the GRBC artistic director created in 2003 for the company’s Dancers’ Theatre Series.

When: 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and Feb. 5-6, 2 p.m. Sunday and Feb. 7

Where: GRBC’s Wege Theatre, 341 Ellsworth St. SW

Tickets: $30 adults, $25 seniors, $20 children 12 and younger at Ticketmaster outlets, (800) 982-2787, “Tickets here”:

More info: 454-4771, or on the “Grand Rapids Ballet website”: and on “MLive”:

Collecting early Chaplin magazines

“Through these humble relics of popular culture we can track the growth of Chaplin’s phenomenal popularity, which is intertwined with the rapid growth of the film industry itself.”

Dan Kamin, author of The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin has written an interesting article about “Chaplin appearing on magazine’s covers.”:

Nice good looking vintage magazines to have a peek at as well.

cc reading a magazine unumbered

Chaplin Conference in the Heartland


CHARLIE IN THE HEARTLAND INTERNATIONAL “CHARLIE CHAPLIN CONFERENCE”: October 28, 29, and 30, 2010 Ohio University Zanesville, Zanesville, OH USA

h4. Keynote Speaker and Honoree

Charles J. Maland, author of Chaplin and American Culture: The Evolution of a Star Image, celebrating its 20th anniversary. (Professor and Head of the University of Tennessee English Department )

h4. Other Confirmed Featured Speakers

  • David Robinson, Film Critic, Historian and author of Chaplin: His Life and Art
  • Kate Guyonvarch, Director of Roy Export S.A.S. and the Association Chaplin office, Paris
  • Cecilia Cenciarelli, Archivist and Head of Progetto Chaplin, Cineteca di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  • Frank Scheide, Co-Editor of The Chaplin Review, Professor of Communications at the University of Arkansas
  • David Shepard, Film Preservationist


In keeping with the theme of the conference, “Charlie in the Heartland,” which was chosen to commemorate Chaplin’s first trip to the United States with Fred Karno’s Comedians in October, 1910, we are seeking papers in a wide range of areas, all to do with Chaplin, his relationship with, influence on, or evocation of America, either during or after his long residence here. The following topics are meant to generate ideas for presentations, not limit creativity or exclude participation:

  • Maland’s Chaplin and American Culture 20 Years Later
  • Reconsidering “Chaplinitis”
  • From Karno to Keystone: Eliding the Music Hall Stage and the Silent Screen
  • American Vaudeville Audiences of the 1910s – A Herald of Silent Film Popularity?
  • Chaplin’s Company: Who were Charlie’s Character
  • Actors and What Were Their Influences?
  • Vulgar Film Comedy as High Art.
  • Chaplin and Public Appearance: A Reconsideration of the Liberty Bond Tour
  • The Chaplin Imitator Phenomenon
  • Film Audience Reception in the Heartland
  • The Heartland Rebels: Chaplin and the American Legion
  • Brother Sydney Chaplin : What Was the Magnitude of His Impact?
  • The Representation of America or Americans in the
  • Films of Charlie Chaplin
  • Chaplin’s Little Tramp and the Beat Generation in America
  • Chaplin and Music


Individual papers or full panels are welcome to submit proposals.

Please send a 500-word abstract, a short bio and your contact information to Lisa Stein, Assistant Professor of English, OU-Zanesville, 1425 Newark Road, Zanesville, OH 43701 or via email by February 1, 2010. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcome and encouraged to submit.

N. B. We have tried to make this an accessible conference for young scholars by offering several low-cost housing options, as well as a reduced registration rate. We will also have a student travel grant available for applicants. Check back in early 2010.

The Zanesville Art Museum will host a six-week-long exhibit on Chaplin entitled “Charlie Chaplin and America,” to begin October 1, 2010.

Check the “website”: for updates on this event.

Katie Melua's song "Mary Pickford"

Katie Melua has a lovely song about “Mary Pickford”: eating roses, Douglas Fairbanks wearing a mustache “and musta had much cash” and Charlie Chaplin being invited, “when these artists became united”.

The clip has touching footages of D. Fairbanks M. Pickford and Charlie Chaplin playing around when they created United Artists. Those were the days…

Beware before listening, you might find yourself whistling the tune all day…


Vienna Retrospective

The complete retrospective featuring _ALL_ the Chaplin film !

At the “Austrian Film Museum”: Vienna From December 2nd to January 7th 2010

Also, December 8th 2009 THE CIRCUS projection at The Munich Filmmuseum, Germany

December 20th 2009 MODERN TIMES projection at “Lugano Cinéma 93”:, Switzerland


"Unknown Chaplin" Reissue

Reissue box set of The Unknown Chaplin DVD and book, edited by “La Cineteca di Bologna”:

Unknown Chaplin is Kevin Brownlow and David Gill 1983 fanstastic documentary insight into Chaplin’s work. Featuring out-takes from Chaplin’s films, and other rare footage, “Unknown Chaplin”: gives a valuable insight into the creation of Chaplin’s films.

Also included are interviews with people who knew and worked with Chaplin. The documentary is in three parts: My Happiest Years, Hidden Treasures and “The Great Director”.

Chaplin quotation scarf

Our licencee Parol Accessoires have launched a new Chaplin quotation scarf:

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in long-shot”

Please see “their website”:–Charlie-Chaplin-chestnut-.html/XTCsid/11105357e6750b0d033bf2bbce7c09b5 for more details.