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Chaplin Events at the Festival d’Ile de France

This year the Festival d’Île de France has organized several events related to Chaplin’s Modern Times :

Exhibition: Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times

From September 6 to October 1, 2016 at the Médiathèque Anne Fontaine in Antony, near Paris, you can rediscover Modern Times through behind-the-scenes photos and documents from the Chaplin archives. The exhibition was created by the Chaplin office. Visit the Festival d’Île de France website for details.

Conference: Charlie Chaplin, Cinéaste Engagé

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On September 24 at 4pm, the Médiathèque Anne Fontaine d’Antony is hosting a conference (in French) with Guillaume Le Blanc on Chaplin and politics. For more information, visit the Festival d’Île de France website.

Modern Times with Live Orchestra

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On Saturday, October 1st, don’t miss Modern Times accompanied live by the Orchestre national d’Île de France, conducted by Timothy Brock. More details on the festival’s website.

Tonight at the Museum – Charlie Chaplin!

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London! Don’t miss “Tonight at the Museum – Charlie Chaplin!”, a play written by Gillian Plowman, performed until 25th September 2016 at The Cinema Museum, the former Lambeth Workhouse where Charlie Chaplin spent some time as a child with his brother Syd and mother Hannah

For more information, visit the production’s website.

Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival 2016

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Charlie Chaplin will open the 30th edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival in Bologna, Italy on Saturday June 25 with Modern Times. Chaplin’s extraordinary original score will be performed in Piazza Maggiore by the orchestra of Bologna’s Teatro Comunale, conducted by Timothy Brock.

A second live orchestral screening, on Wednesday June 29, will feature Charlie Chaplin again with Cineteca di Bologna’s brand new restoration of The Kid accompanied by Chaplin’s 1971 score, newly restored by Timothy Brock.

Visit the Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival’s website for more information.


11330 m² of Chaplin

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A gigantic new work of land art by artist Franck Bonneau (Land’Art & Co) was inaugurated on 11th June 2016 at the Aérodrome de Thise in France. Having been a Chaplin fan since childhood, Bonneau is thrilled to pay homage to Chaplin with this huge portrait, which to our knowledge, at 11330 m² is the biggest portrait of Charlie Chaplin in the world.

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Modern Times Soundtrack - Now Online

By the time Modern Times was released in 1936, talking pictures had been established for almost a decade. The Chaplin archives reveal that Charlie Chaplin contemplated making Modern Times as his first “talkie”, but in the end he used sound effects, sparse recorded voices - like the factory manager on a video-surveillance screen in the men’s restrooms – and his own musical score, which he began working on in 1935.

Later the song SMILE from the film became a classic, still sung and recorded by many.

In the coming days, we’ll publish a new track from the original soundtrack once a day on Youtube so you can listen from anywhere! Subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with our daily posts.

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